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by vbb on May 8, 2009

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The first step to adorn your Nokia 5800 is getting cool wallpapers for it.While you can use any wallpaper you use on your computer,it’s best to have wallpapers which have the same resolution as that of mobile screen.

Here is a collection of almost 2000 wallpapers available across the Internet.They range from abstract wallpapers to animation ones and from Hollywood to car and bikes.Just get them and enjoy.

Nokia 5800 wallpapers

Dailymobile has perhaps the best collection of wallpapers for Nokia 5800.In many galleries it has almost 1000 wallpapers.It has a dedicated wallpaper section.You can visit the wallpaper section here to explore excellent wallpapers or visit the following two galleries of wallpapers.

Nokia 5800 wallpapers- Gallery 1 Gallery 2

It is nice to subscribe to their forum to get more such stuff


The screen resolution of Nokia 5800 is same as that of Nokia N97[360x640].Thus the same wallpaper can be used for both the phones.Here is a collection of almost 500 wallpapers of various kinds.It has collection in resolution of 360×480 and 480×640.

Nokia 5800 and N97 wallpapers.


Almost 200 wallpapers from in a zip package.

Download Nokia 5800 wallpaper Mega Pack


A good collection which include foliage 2, grunge-brushed-grey, grunge-brushed-red, hexagon, 5800  icon frame, astral- atom icon frame and more [50 in total].It offers to download wallpapers in zip package.

Download wallpapers Gallery 1 gallery 2


There is a group on flickr for Nokia 5800 wallpapers  At present photos are uploaded  by Anubhav Sinha.[Note:Kindly note that the photos are copyrighted  to him as shown by the copyright symbol.Contact him before using.].Almost 40 wallpapers.

Visit Nokia 5800 wallpaper group on Flickr


If you are an Obama fan,this collection will surely please you.

Obama wallpapers for Nokia 5800.


Almost 30 wallpapers for Nokia 5800 in a zip file from


Almost 90 wallpapers from


This link has collection of some 15 wallpapers but you can explore the site to gain some more.Collection of 15 wallpapers.


Now we have a total of almost 2000 wallpapers you can use to adorn your Nokia 5800.

Please note some points with wallpapers

  • Many wallpapers are duplicated across various sources.
  • Some wallpapers may have copyright issues with them.So contact the source before using them.

If you like the collection, try to spread it using social bookmarks and Enjoy your Nokia 5800,Nokia’s answer to the iPhone.

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