How to Backup and Restore Messages,Contacts and Everything from a Nokia Mobile

by vbb on July 31, 2009

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Having a backup of your mobile phone contacts and data is very important for various reasons.Even if you lose you mobile you can have all the contacts in the backup stored on your computer which can be restored.Or you will need to backup your mobile prior to resetting your phone to factory defaults for various reasons.

Here is how you can take a backup of  phonebook contacts,messages ,applicatins,device settings,videos,music  and data from  a Nokia Mobile.

Backup Phonebook contacts messages and contacts from a Nokia Mobile

As already notified Nokia is soon going to replace PC suite with the all new Ovi Suite.So here I have explained how to take a backup of everything using Nokia Ovi Suite.

What you will need–

  • Latest Version of Nokia Ovi Suite. Download here.
  • Compatible USB cable to connect your mobile to the computer.
  • Some amount of courage and patience.

Install and then start Nokia Ovi Suite.You will get the home screen as shown in the following figure.Select “Connect your device” and then proceed as directed to connect your mobile with the computer.

nokia Ovi Suite  home page

When you have successfully added your phone you will get the message as the following-

connect your mobile to computer


When the device is connected .The homepage will show a menu asking for backup or downloading maps.Click on the “Backup” as shown in the figure.

Clicking on the backup link will show a menu which shows the thing to backup.You have to select the things which you want to backup which include-

  • Calendar,contacts,notes and messages.
  • Device settings and applications.
  • Photos,Videos and Music.
  • Other Documents.

You can also select the folder where you want to keep the backup.By default it will be saved in the My Documents folder.

Select whatever you want to backup and then click next.It will start to prepare the process and then the process starts.
things to backup from mobile

You will be able to see the “backup progress” and a “Backup Successful” message after the backup completes.

backup progress


This completes the backup process of your complete mobile phone data.The backup is saved in Nokia’s .nbu format.

restore your backup to mobile

How to Restore–

Whenever you need to restore this backup-Click on Tools->Restore and select the backup file.It will say “No backup found” if you have not saved the backup on the default location.Click browse to select you backup file and restore.

Using this backup process you data and contacts will be safe even if something happens to your mobile phone.Also remember the rule of backing up-Back up Early,Back up often.

Please note that you should not disconnect you mobile when the backup is in progress as it can damage the memory card.Make sure that you have a proper power backup so that the process does not halt midway.Share your experince about the backup process in comments.

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