51 Free Games and Applications for Nokia 5800 and N97

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Nokia 5800,is special as it’s the first s60 5th edition device and made for the mass due to competitive pricing.Nokia N97 on the other hand is privileges of the rich only.

If you own any of the two here is a collection of more than 50 games and application for Symbian s60 5th Edition to enjoy.Almost all of them are FREE.So download now and enjoy.

Free Games,Application,Softwares for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97

Here is a list of free games and application.Some games and applications are from particular site.So the link is given for the group of applications.Please note that I am not hosting the files and giving you the download links so that you may know more details about the app before downloading.Also I have not included more screenshot to avoid long load times.

01.Opera Mini

The most used mobile web browser works great on the Nokia 5800 or Nokia N97.Provides a better Internet experience than the Nokia’s web browser.Download Here

02.Bolt Browser

This is another web browser which can be used to surf on mobile.Works good on the Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97.Presently in beta. Download here.

03.Google Maps

A must have application for every user.Brings a realistic view of all maps for FREE. Download here


This is a mobile dashboard for a WordPress Blogger.From this utility you can write and post blog entries and also manage all things. Download here



Mobbler being a Last.fm player and scrobbler acts as an Internet Radio Player for mobile.Works great on the Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 along with older versions. Download here.


Having a heavy storage capacity of  8GB in Nokia 5800 or more in N97,you will definitely want  to have a torrent client for your mobile which can work over Wi-Fi.This client with full touch support is very simple to set up and in no way inferior to the full blown desktop torrent client.Download Here.



Shozu acts as your social media hub from where you can manage almost all things.You can tweet or post to your blogger or WordPress blog.Or you can post photos to any photo sharing site or MySpace/FaceBook.You can even upload a video to YouTube or other sites. A must have utility for every mobile user.Download Here.

08.Sensitive 5800

This is a touch based classic logic game (like C64 logic game )for Symbian s60 5th edition.

Download Here.

09.Tag Reader

This application form Microsoft allows you to read their 2D tag or barcode. Download here.

10.Best ScreenSnap

The best screenshot utility for Nokia Mobiles.Works excellent on Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97.Save pictures automatically when you press the hotkey (camera key by default).Can save JPEG pictures in three quality settings.Saved pictures are quite good in quality.Download it Here

11.Free unRAR

You may open ZIP files on mobile for sure but RAR opening is a bit difficult.Here this application can open RAR files on phones for free.This app is must have for any mobile user.Download here.

12.Fake Messages

Want to get rid of a boring meeting or an annoying person.Get yourself excused by receiving a fake message which you can schedule anytime.The message is generated internally so there is no network usage/charges involved. Download Here.


Y Browser

A must have application for every user.This is a much better file explorer than the default file manager found on the Nokia  phones.Download Here

14.JoikuSpot Light

This is a FREE limited edition of JoikuSpot (a premium software) that shares your phone’s 3G internet connection over WiFi so that you can surf on your computer/laptop using 3G connection of your mobile. Hence your mobile is   effectively turned into a WLAN hotspot.Download here.


Nimbuzz acts as you all in one chat client.Not only chat but calls and files transfers are also possible through Nimbuzz.It uses VoIP for calls just as Skype.If you are a chatting junkie get it now.Download Here.

Application number 16 to 29 can be downloaded from Nokia India Official site [here]

16.Touch Guitar

This application simulates a real guitar.It shows the chords where you have to touch to play tunes. Contains 126 different chord combinations and pre loaded songs to learn and get inspiration.

17.Touch Piano

Just like Touch Guitar this is a Piano simulator with preloaded songs to be played with 17 key piano.Can play Five instrument sounds: Piano, Violin, Flute, Saxophone, Guitar


Another music app which gives real drum sounds on touch.Comes with preloaded songs and skins.


A touch based dart game with four levels.

20.Jal Tarang

Jal Tarang is an instrument in which music is produced by hitting bowls filled with different level of water and hence producing different chords.One of the oldest classical instrument.Comes with preloaded songs and skins.


Feel the  Brazilian experience with Salsa sound effects.Four different skins.

22.Brain Evolution

Something to improve your Brain Power.This is a pack of games including Sudoku,minesweeper and some informative apps like Encyclopedia,Cool facts and knowledge base and so on.Claims to train your brain memory.Has games related to logic,arithmetic and puzzle solving.

23.Jigsaw Puzzle

The classic jigsaw puzzle game with three levels of difficulty and 10 pre loaded puzzles.What is more you can create a custom puzzle too.

24.SMS Timer

There are different moments when we need to schedule an SMS such as birthday wishes.For this SMS timer proves handy.

25.Marble Maze

An addictive application which uses the orientation sensor of Nokia 5800.In this game you control a ball in a labyrinth by tilting the device in your hands and lead the ball into a goal. 40 different labyrinths to solve, and 3 different types of balls.

26.Touch Card Match

You must have played the old card flip memory game .The touch enabled card game comes with good audio visual interface and various levels to play on.A good game to enhance your instant memory power.

27.Touch Maneuver

A very simple game in which you have to touch along a wire from one end to another end.Nothing but the old “Don’t Touch the Wire Game” for touch screen.

28.Easy Reject

This tool rejects calls and messages based on the numbers you want to filter out.You can reject calls with a busy tone.Even you can filter calls from unknown numbers.

29.My Ringtone

A must have utility for any Nokia 5800 or N97 owner to compose your own ringtones.It allows clipping and merging songs and hence create unique ringtones for you.

Application number 30 and 31 can be downloaded from Nokia Hong Kong site [here]

30.Paint Pad

A simple image editor for your mobile.You can create a new image or edit whatever image you have taken with your camera.Download Here.

31.Dodge This

In this game you control an airplane dodging the flying bullets on the sky.You control the plane by touching and swaying it.Download Here

Application number 32 to 36 can be downloaded from Nokia Beta Labs [Here]

32.Ovi Contacts

Sign up for  ovi services and with this application you can manage your contacts.This  acts as a full IM client as well .Hence this app allows you to be in touch with your friends. Download Here.

33.Nokia Photo Browser

With this app you can browse your photos with 3D effects.It provides good visual effects,zoom capability and face browsing. Download Here.

34.Nokia Messaging

This  makes mobile email easy and mobilizes consumer email across a range of Nokia devices. Nokia Messaging enables users to quickly set up, access, and use their email on their Nokia devices through a service that is optimized for mobile email. Download Here.

35.Nokia Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker is an sports activity tracker that stores information such as speed, distance and time in your diary for your health record.It is done with using GPS.You can also share your records over the Sports Tracker web site. Download here.

36.Nokia Handwriting Calculator

This app can recognize handwritten mathematical expression and can solve them.Download Here

All the following can be downloaded from Nokia Ovi Store for Free.Visit here.

37.Ovi Store Client

Ovi store is Nokia’s official repository of official games and application where you can get both free and paid application.You should install Ovi store client on your mobile to get the easy way to search and install application on your mobile available on Ovi store. Download here

38.i Anywhere Mobile Office

This is for business users who use Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange at office.This client application for Nokia provides secure mobile email and business process mobilization, combining rich infrastructure support with enhanced on-device security, usability and performance. Download it here.


Qik is the instant video streaming utility which can be used to broadcast any video being recorded by the camera over the Internet.A must have tool for video aficionados.Download here.

40.Power Boot

This is same application as you find on computer Operating systems which can configure which application are started with the system startup.Suppose you use any utility which needs to be always run you can put it in the Power boot so that it starts automatically when you switch on the device anytime.Download here.

41.Easy Wi-Fi

This application eases the hassles of connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots you use regularly.It remembers the user names and passwords and acts as a good connection manager.


1D/2D barcode reader for Nokia Mobiles.It can read and decode bar codes.Download here.


A twitter client for s60 based mobile.This client is easy to use and allows all basic operation of twitter.Download here



This application is a direct phone-to –phone calendar sharing and scheduler tool.A must have for office users as all will have a synchronized schedule and up to date calendar .Download here

45.SMS tag

The buzzword of the web 2.0 is tagging anything.And this application allows you to tag your SMS so that you may categorize your SMS based on the tags hence managing them in a better way.Download here.

46.SMS Preview

Whenever you receive an SMS you get the notification “1 message received” .SMS preview app enables you to instantly watch the text on the top of screen for a specified time–say 30 seconds.Download Here.

47.Calc Touch

This is a touch based calculator which looks better then Nokia’s default calculator in terms of user interface but lacks even simple operation like percentage calculation.Download here


This is a strobe light application for your mobile which makes your camera flash blinking.The speed is controllable via the application.You can produce a disco light effect with this app.Download here.

49.Blackboard for 5800

This app makes your phone a canvas to write or draw anything.It just simulates a blackboard on your Nokia Touch phone. Download here.

50.Bright Light

Put the camera flash in a continuous ON mode so that it acts as a torch or bright light.Download here

51.World Traveler

World traveler

This is a must have app for any tourist.It not only gives you weather info for the place you are at present but also provides conversion rates,location guides ,world clock,Flight services and more. Download here

Please note that-

  1. Some of the application will produce a on screen Navigation menu.This can be removed by turning off navigation menu on Menu->Settings->Application Manager->Installed Applications.Press options for selected application and go to suite settings,where you can turn off the Onscreen Keyboard.
  2. Some links to Ovi Store files will show you-“This item is no longer available”.Kindly try another browser before giving up as this may be a temporary glitch.

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