15 Resources To Trace Mobile Numbers in India



Earlier you have only a few  websites which provided feature to track/trace mobile number locations but now the number of such provides have grown manifold.Here is a list of 15 resources from where you can trace the location of mobile number /caller.

Some  of them also provide international number tracing services.

Needless to say you can only get the region in which the number is assigned and the service provider as any directory for mobile number is not maintained.

Trace Mobile Numbers in India for Free

1.Information Madness:             [Trace a mobile Now]

2.Hacktrix.com                           [Trace a mobile Now]

3.Bhartiya Mobile                      [Trace a mobile Now]

4.Venin.com                              [Trace a mobile Now]

5.India Cellular.com                   [Trace a mobile Now]

6.c#dotnetFreak                        [Trace a mobile Now]

7.Internet4mobile.com               [Trace a mobile Now]

8.Rathihsg.com                         [Trace a mobile now]

9. tp2location.com supports international numbers too     [Trace a mobile now]

10.Here is Mobile number locator application for your mobile so that you do not need an Internet connection.Download the app from Internet4mobile.com

11.Sindhusagar.com                  [Trace a mobile now]

12.Wikipedia-This page list all the codes assigned to operators hence you can certainly trace a mobile number location. [Visit the Wiki page]

Orkut Apps to Trace Locate mobile numbers in India

If you are an Orkut user and frequently need to trace mobile numbers then these Orkut apps will come into handy.You can add these apps by visiting the given info links.

1.Mobile Tracker [Application info]

trace mobile number

2.Mobile Tracer [Application info]

mobile tracer

3.Mobile Tracer by Istiyaq.com [Application info]

The reason that we need more than one source is sometimes the provider do not update the codes allotted for new operators.

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