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by vbb on June 14, 2009

in Security

It’s quite possible that the shopping payment site on which you are putting your Credit Card details is Deceptive i.e. it’s not the real site but it pretends to be the original site.

This is known as phishing where you can be a victim of financial fraud or identity theft.

BitDefender ,A well known name in the computer security market has developed its anti Phishing  software which is available to download Free of cost.The software prevents you from entering malicious sites by various algorithms.

Free Anti-Phishing Filter

It’s a browser based filter.Once you install the software it act as an add on to IE and Mozilla Firefox.It’s a real time filter based on the black list of websites known for phishing and some algorithms which detect site’s fraudulent practices.If a site is detected as a phishing one,it will display a warning whether the page should be displayed or not.

BitDefender antiphishing bar on Firefox

BitDefender antiphishing bar on IE

If you trust a website,it can be added to a white list.Moreover if you get links through instant messenger programs,they are checked as well.

Download now and be safe.

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