Check Username Availability across various sites at once!

by vbb on June 6, 2009

in Internet

You always wanted a single username for all the services you sign up-Right? Now this seems impossible if you start now.Most of the usernames are taken in popular sites.

So you sign up using different usernames at different sites.But imagine if you could check whether the username is available or not in many sites at once !

UserNameCheck is the site which exactly does this.

Get a single Username for many sites

The site checks the username you enter for availability across various sites.

Get single user name for multiple sites

These sites include top sites like Gmail,Yahoo,Flickr,MySpace,WordPress as well as mixx,Stumbleupon, tinyurl etc.Once you see that your username is available in a site,you can continue registration at that site.Hence you can get a single username for many sites if not all sites.

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