11 Features That you will Definitely Like Bing For-And will Prompt you to switch to it!

by vbb on June 3, 2009

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Although Bing didn’t launch like Olympic opening ceremony but the world is has accepted Bing with open arms.If you ever thought that you will not use Bing and be loyal to Google then check out these 11 features of Bing.I am sure you will get at least one reason to switch to Bing.Still can’t decide which search engine to use.Just  Bing and decide.

Here are 11 features of Bing which make it special.These features include small but notable improvements over traditional search.

Bing and decide –Which search Engine to use?

Let’s start Binging.The features are numbered over the images.

Improvements over Simple search

1.Page Preview-Right on the search listing you get a preview of  what’s on the page you wish to visit when you keep your pointer over the search description snippet.Saves a lot of time wasting over pages which do not have what you want.

2.Related searches-Search for Katrina kaiff and you get Salman khan free!Well-depending on the search term it automatically gives Related searches.So if you search Nikon DSLR, you will get related searches like Nikon DSLR review,shop for Nikon camera etc

Bing Search features

3.Feed for Search results: Suppose you search for 3g mobile and want to keep yourself updated on the subject then you can subscribe to  the search results via RSS.However direct RSS subscription link will only appear if you search for News.If you search for Katrina Kaif,you will see RSS link under resources tab,where you normally see related searches.

4.Save and Share your searches : While performing any type of research you may have thought of saving your search results.Bing gives you this functionality along with the ability to share your searches.You can save your searches locally or on your Skydrive folder.You will need Silverlight Plug-in for this functionality.

bing_search save_and_share

5.Join the Bing community : Bing has started with a community feature..While the functionality is not very clear,by joining it you will be updated about the latest development of Bing.

6.Email your searches-

While you can save and share your searches it’s sometime important to mail them.You get it with Silverlight Plug in installed.

Enhancement in Image search

7.Get almost all option to filter out the image you want

Bing Image Search

You can set to view images with a particular layout or only black and white photos.

When you are searching image of any person you can even search for photos  depending on the body portion say only faces or face and shoulder.

And you will never have to click Next page..as there is none..the infinite scroll shows that all the image results are on the same page and are updated as you keep scrolling.

Great Video searches

8.Get the video playing when you hover on them

In order to search for the correct video ,you never have to visit the video page.just hover over the video and it starts playing!

Great Shopping searches

9.Bing Cash back and Great Related searches

When you search for say Nikon DSLR,you get various offers available.There is also Bing Cash back program as well as product ranking,review etc .So it can really help you Decide ,exactly what Bing is made for.


Movie search

10.Get all details quickly

From movie timing to map of the area of theatre,everything is there.It uses your location data to show theaters near you.Just decide which movie to watch quickly!

The Eleventh Feature

Fast ,Refreshing themes,Colorful

Over the years we are used to see full white page of Google.And  people considered it the fastest loading page.But Bing looks even faster and comes with refreshing themes.Isn’t it a good feature to see your results on a relatively colorful page.

Apart from these you will surely feel a positive difference when you use Bing for Map searches.Now Sorry Google Binging for almost two days,I have almost switched my loyalty towards Bing.What about you? Are you Binging or still Googling?

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