Orkut stuffed with ads? Do you like it?

by vbb on March 18, 2009

in Google

While it is no secret that Google is making a lot of money from displaying ads on orkut ,what bothers me is an excessive use of ads on many pages.Google recommends bloggers and webmasters to keep ads on their pages to a reasonable limit that does not annoys the user.

Here is one page which I got displaying 3 ad units.It was a chat application page and the page looks as if  it has been specially created for displaying ads.

It has been long since Google started displaying ads on orkut and some users also say that it’s not annoying to them.Now what I think is ,one ad unit on the profile home page is fine.But see the following screenshot and then think what Google is doing with orkut.

too many ads on orkut

As you can see the chat window seems to be shadowed by ads.To me this is all annoying.What do you think?

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