How to Invite others to Google Wave or how to get them for Free?



As you may be knowing,Google wave is an online tool from Google which takes communication and collaboration to a new paradigm.It combines everything such as conversations,email and document sharing at a single place and all at real time.

Here is your chance to get an Google Wave Invitation from me or if you are already using Google wave then learn how to send Invites to your other friends.

How to send a Google Wave Invite to others?

Sending a Google Wave invite to others is pretty simple.Once you login to Google Wave you will see a message saying-“Invite others to Google Wave”.

Google wave invite

Click on the message and a window will appear which looks like following image.

How to invite Google wave

Once you Enter the email id ,click ‘Add to Invitation List’ and Google will send them an invitation for wave after sometime,not immediately.

How to Get an Invite for Google Wave?

It’s simpler than sending an invite! Just let me know that you want an invite in comment form below.I have Seven (7)  invitations remaining.Hence be quick to express.First commenter will definitely get an invitation and other six will be chosen at random.

6 responses to “How to Invite others to Google Wave or how to get them for Free?”
  1. vikas Avatar

    list me in.

  2. seeta Avatar

    send me and invite please.

  3. andrews Avatar

    i need one too.

    1. vbb Avatar

      Sent to all of you! Check it at your inbox!

  4. Sandeep Avatar

    Plz. send me an invite for Google Wave if possible. Regards, Sandeep

  5. manish Avatar

    plZ give me invitation of google wave.

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