How to Find Creative Common Photos on Google Image Search

by vbb on July 9, 2009

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Mostly people search for Creative Commons photos to complement their blog post/presentations/illustrations and so on and their preferred way of searching such photos is as it directly and dedicatedly provides a creative commons search at .

Till now Google image search didn’t have any options to search only CC photos but it’s now implemented by Google .So here is how to find a Creative Commons Photos on Google Image Search.

Find CC photos on Google Image Search

As posted by Google on its blog,the results will include photos tagged with Creative commons license,those with Free Documentation license, or are in the public domain.It’s still the user’s responsibility to find the restriction imposed by the photo owner as CC has many different types of license and some of them do restrict the usage in one or the other way.

How to find a CC photo

  • Open Google Image Search and Click on Advanced Image Search as shown in following figure.

google image search

  • Now you get the next screen which shows options to filter results.Type your search term in the top box.Now  under the usage rights tab,select the license.And click Search

google image search2

Now it will show results after filtering based on the licensing selected by you.

Google has just introduced this feature and you can read the official blog post linked below.

This will surely help artists who wish to distribute their work under CC and the users like you and we searching for really Free Images.

Find Creative Commons images with Image Search

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