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by vbb on February 24, 2009

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BSNL Broadband has some popular plans like plan 500C and 500C+ which allow unlimited download  in night hours i.e. between 2am to 8am.Sure this is not the time for normal browsing but for download freaks.You can schedule software and other file downloads using your favorite download manager like Flashget.

torrent download scheduling

However a majority of downloading is done through torrents.Among various clients,utorrent is preferable as it’s very light on system resources,easy to use and feature rich too.[Download here] .Utorrent can also be configured for scheduling your downloads as shown here without using any third party scheduler software.

Torrent download scheduling in utorrent  

utorrent has an inbuilt scheduler which is configured here for scheduling torrent downloads.Here are the steps to configure it.

1.Open utorrent.Go to options>preferences>scheduler. Click on ‘Enable scheduler’

2.You will get a screen like this.When you hover your mouse on any green square it will show you the timing .It’s just like a weekly calendar with slots of one hour.If a square is dark green means utorrent has to download in full capacity.

utorrent download scheduler

3.Since you want to download during 2 am to 8 am only on all days.Click on the first square from top left till it becomes white in color means no download during that period. Now go on clicking all squares except for time 2 am to 8 am till they are white.

4.The scheduler should look like the image below..However if you click once on any white square will go to pink color i.e.seed only mode..which you don’t want.So ensure that all squares except 2 to 8 are white only. Only the squares which are shown under pink rectangle should be green in color.

torrent download scheduler

Now you can add torrent anytime as you like but utorrent will download at night only.The only precaution to take here is that never force start any torrent.This will override the scheduler and begin download instantaneously.All torrent which are force started have a [F] symbol beside them.

Scheduling downloads will give you a peaceful sleep overnight.Enjoy downloading.

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