How to Configure your BSNL modem in Bridge Mode

by vbb on February 16, 2009

in Broadband

IT’s good to configure your modem in Bridge mode after knowing the benefits of bridge mode.Here I have shown the configuration settings.The screenshots shown are that of Nokia Siemens modem model S2l_141.However the configuration settings are  applicable for almost all BSNL modem.

Open Modem configuration page ( from your browser.You will have to enter admin both as user name and  password . Here, by default you will get a PPPoE connection and some bridging connections.It’s better to delete the PPPoE connection before creating a new bridging connection.

Delete the existing PPPoe Connection

Click on ‘WAN’ on the menu on left hand side.


Tick the remove button for PPPoE connection and select remove.In the next screen you will have to save and reboot.

Create a Bridging connection

Go to WAN setup after rebooting your modem.Now you should not have any PPPoE connection as you have already deleted it.

  • On the same screen,from where you deleted the connection click ‘add’.Put VPI=0 and VCI=35 in next next
  • select “Bridging” in connection type.and Leave the “encapsulation mode” to “LLC/SNAP-Bridging” click “next”
  • Do not change anything on next screen.. and click ’next’



Here it will 4show you a summary of the connection you created, which should look like the figure beside.check your settings and click “save” on the right hand bottom.

Now come to the main “reboot”.Click “save reboot”.

After rebooting,again go to the configuration page.Here you should be able to get a Bridging connection with vpi and vci values as 0 and 35 respectively.

This is only the half part of the total work.You have just created a connection which needs dialing from computer.Now you have to set up a dial up connection for Internet to work.

Creating a dial up connection is pretty easy.If you are unable to do so,here is how to do it.

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