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by vbb on February 10, 2009

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BSNL provides broadband services in India under the  brand name ‘DataOne’.It is available through DSL technology on the same copper cable that is used for bsnl broadbandconnecting telephone.It means that you don’t need separate cable for Broadband access but just a modem is needed to get Internet.

BSNL is currently expanding its broadband services.It has just launched advanced services like web conferencing and IPTV.While these are costly,BSNL has managed to provide basic broadband at a much cheaper price.

There are various plans to choose from.Here I have outlined the plans for individuals.Have a look and choose a plan with the help of these guidelines.

We can categorize the plans in three sections depending on he monthly price.
BSNL Broadband Plans

  • Basic plans- These plans include plan home 125,home 250 and some rural plans like rural USOF99 and rural USOF 150.As you can see these are just for the casual surfers.While the speed will be good (256kbps) you will not be able to download much.2-4 hours of browsing simple text sites like with some chatting and images will eat up 1GB in a month.
  • Mid range plans-
    These plans have a minimum monthly rental of Rs-500.And in this range you will get a special facility called “night  unlimited” i.e. you will not be charged for whatever you do in night hours.But remember night hours means 2am to 8am.While the time is not suitable for normal browsing it’s great for scheduled downloads,be it movies,mp3 and a lot more.Apart from that,normally you get 1.5GB of usage in a month which is quite sufficient for more than normal browsing, and even some YouTube vides.
  • High range plans-
    These plan have unlimited download plan and cost a minimum of Rs.750 per month .But in most of these plan speed is capped at 256kbps whereas in other plans the speed can go up to 2mbps.

Combo plans-
when you choose any of the above plans you will need to pay additional rental and charges of your fixed basic phone.BSNL also offers combo plans where you do not need to pay rental. At present ,combo plans are available in Rs 350 to Rs 600 range.

Which DataOne plan to choose –

Depends on how do you use Internet.Here is a simple guideline.

What you want on the Internet Suitable plans Approx monthly cost

Simple browsing,news,mail and some chatting with very little interest in audio video downloading

Home 250,combo 350 and similar plans.Always
choose plan which gives you at least 1GB.
less than 500
All above usage but want some YouTube and audio video downloads combo plan 500C,500C+
similar plans
less than 750
Always online ,download everything you get on Internet Home unlimited
750 and similar plans
more than 1000


Before choosing a plan always refer to BSNL official site and tariff page as there are always some new plans and tariff modifications.

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